These Terms of Use shall apply to all purchase orders placed through the website www.epistick.com (hereinafter "Website" or "Site"), which shall belong to "La Casa del Epistick" and any contract of sale or delivery of the parties, unless they have agreed otherwise in writing and provided the address of the invoice should be sent to an address located in Spain.

Tenders and budgets made by "La Casa del Epistick" not binding on it, meaning the contract of sale perfected only when "La Casa del Epistick" give their consent in writing of an order.

These Terms of Use may be amended only by written agreement between the parties, so it will be invalid in this context the terms or conditions contained printed or handwritten, in orders, letters or other documents issued by the Customer without the prior "La Casa del Epistick" The same shall apply to any amendment to this written form clause.

Modification by "La Casa del Epistick" of these terms of sale will not affect contracts already perfected.


This website is operated by "La Casa del Epistick", established C./ San Ramón, 109, Cerdanyola del Vallès, 08290 Barcelona, Spain.


Any purchase order completed by the Customer through the website is in the nature of binding offer of contract of sale. However, for the contract to be valid, the order placed by the Customer must be validated and accepted by "La Casa del Epistick", notification by email or written communication, or implicitly with the delivery of the goods.


The place of execution of the contract will be the home of "La Casa del Epistick" and delivery of the goods will be at home detailing the Customer through the order placed on the website.


The deadline for delivery of the goods shall be seventy-two (72) hours from the "La Casa del Epistick" confirmed the payment of the order placed by the Customer. The delivery will be considered complete when the delivery is available to Customer. The goods will be sent through the designated shuttle "La Casa del Epistick"

The delivery time will be reasonably extended if for reasons beyond the will and control of "La Casa del Epistick" will prevent compliance with the delivery date. Similarly, the delivery time will be extended if the customer changes the original order or is delayed in its contractual obligations, especially if the Client has delayed delivery of the documents necessary or agreed payments delayed. In any case, the goods remain property of "La Casa del Epistick" until it has received payment for them in full.

The costs of postage and packing will be based on the carrier chosen by the Customer which "La Casa del Epistick" offers, borne by the customer and will be charged at the time of ordering.


If the goods ordered by the Customer be available within one hundred twenty (120) days from the date of issuance of the order, "La Casa del Epistick" may terminate the contract of sale but had previously accepted your order. In this case, the customer will be informed immediately of such circumstances and for repayment of the order price.


The total amount of your order, including all taxes and additional costs such as those related to packaging and shipping, will appear in the currency selected by the Customer and will be correct, unless computer error.

Information items and the prices of those that appear on the Site may be changed without notice. Customer, we will apply the price shown on the Website at the time of ordering. In turn, it is worth noting that prices are subject to change due to changes in raw materials or free criterion "La Casa del Epistick" Building on business reasons and / or economic.

Customer invoice will be sent once you have confirmed receipt of payment. Another means of order confirmation, only legally valid proof of purchase only.


The purchase price of the goods ordered shall be payable from the time "La Casa del Epistick" proceed with sending the same. The payment may be made by credit card (indicating the details of your credit card on the Website) or any system of payment marked anywhere. Customer may not claim compensation for any amount against our claim for payment unless the amount of the compensation order has been accepted by "La Casa del Epistick" or is the subject of a final conviction against the same parties.


As a consumer, the customer. has the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement within five days from the date of receipt of the goods. The exercise of this right shall not be subject to indicating the causes that motivated it. From the exercise of this right, you will not be bound by the contract and will be refunded any payments had been made in connection therewith.

To proceed with the withdrawal of this contract, simply submit, within five days, a notice in writing, either by post or another durable medium other than paper, to address "La Casa del Epistick" C./ San Ramón, 109, Cerdanyola del Vallès, 08290 Barcelona, Spain or by returning the goods to the same address.

If the client wants to exercise his right of withdrawal referred to in the preceding paragraph shall, after notification of this will within the prescribed period, return the goods within a period not exceed five (5) days. The refund will be made by bank transfer or COD.

Customer is responsible for the condition of the goods from the time of shipment to return. Returns must be in original packaging and with the returns sheet included in the bill.


The warranty period is 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the Customer. If during this period it becomes apparent defect in the goods, you can cancel the contract or in the event that the product could still be purchased, request replacement or repair of the product, provided that this possible and is satisfied that no attempt has been repaired or manipulated by the Customer.

No additional warranty granted to that in the previous paragraph.

"La Casa del Epistick" not responsible for damage, unless the damage was caused by nature or negligence. In no event be liable for consequential damages.

Where "La Casa del Epistick" responsible result derived above, be liable for the amount of purchase.

The limitations of liability set forth above shall apply to any claim for damages, regardless of the legal basis of the same, including the derivative tort, these limitations do not apply to potential liabilities associated with the rules on product liability.

The exclusion or limitation of liability contained in the preceding paragraphs shall also apply to claims against employees or authorized representatives of "La Casa del Epistick"


Only prune Customer assign its contractual position with "La Casa del Epistick".


The contract ended and they are applicable to these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by spanish law and state expressly excluding any possible statutory law with reference to foreign law. In particular, it shall apply the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.